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Portrait Painting  

During this workshop, students will paint a portrait using a direct painting style and apply color more brilliantly. Students must bring a photo of themselves or a friend that includes, neck and shoulders. They will be painting from this during the workshop.

Participants will need to bring an apron or wear appropriate clothing and purchase the following items:

Oil Paint. Student can buy student brand oil paints. Preferably the brand: Winsor Newton Winton. All 37 ML tubes, except for Titanium White.
*French Ultramarine Blue,
*Burnt Umber,
*Cadmium Red Med,
*Cadmium Red Light,
*Cadmium Lemon,
*Yellow Ochre,
*Titanium White - 200 ML Tube,
*Canvas 18x24 inches,
*Brushes: a mix of small, medium and big brushes. Flat and filbert. Soft, Synthetic,
*Flat (#8, # 12, #14) Filbert (#10, #12, #14),

*Metal Palette knife,
* Rags or paper towels,

*solvent, jars and palettes will be provided


This link is a wish list of the oil paints, if you don't already have them, available through This will generally cost less than retail locations.
Includes $10 fee for studio supplies.


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