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Beginning Direct Oil Painting   

If you have never tried oil painting before, the class is for you!  You do not need previous painting experience.  This workshop will teach beginning skills such as mixing paint, starting a painting, blocking in, building up and applying paint to the surface.  We will look at ligthing a still life and learning value.  Learn through the help of an in class demonstration and one on one advice.  Students can access a list of materials online upon registration in the class.


Paint: Oil paint, smaller tubes

Can be the followoing types of oil: water soluble oil paints, or Aklyd oil paints (these dry faster), or traditional oil paints.

Brushes: 4-5 brushes. A variety of sizes; point, filbert, bright and /or flat (no fan brushes)

Colors: Black, White (2 white), Yellow, Red and Blue (There are numerous colors out there, what yeloow, red, and blue you get is up to you)

Canvas: Two small canvases (No 8x10 in, do not exceed 12x16 in)



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