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Creative Painting through Exploration   

Want to be a mad scientist and leave things up to chance? Here is your workshop? With guidance from someone who love experimenting and knows it leads to wonderful things, this workshop will explore a multiple media approach through experimentation and fun. Using many mediums, you will combine the inspiration and imagery from the photos you bring. This can pave the way to concept making in fresh ways. See what you will discover about the making process and enjoy the results.


Bring what you will, this is up to you. Some examples include:

Wet materials: acrylic, oil, ink, watercolor, gesso

Dry materials: charcoal, graphite, marker, erasers, oil pastels, colored pencil, etc. Feel free to bring a mix of art materials to try out.

Other materials to consider: glue, tacky glue, paper, brushes.

*I will also have some random materials for use.



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